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Humans have traveled over deserts, voyaged across vast oceans, and even set foot on the moon. Sometimes it seems as if the one thing we are unable to reach is an understanding.
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I do it, my sister does it, and her friend does it too. We all eat emotionally from time to time. This is okay if it only happens occassionally, but if you find yourself consistently turning to food for comfort then you could have a problem. Consistent emotional eating can lead to weight gain and the sadness, stress or guilt brought on by that can lead to further emotional eating. It is a cruel spiral which can be tricky to break out of.

Next time you find yourself feeling stressed or blue, why not try to distract yourself with a walk around the block? Or perhaps engage yourself in a soothing activity (listening to calming music, or reading a book or magazine).

If you can’t resist that comforting treat, try to downsize the portion. Have a small piece of chocolate instead of the block. Buy a single serve ice-cream instead of a large tub. Maybe even exchange those sweets for some natural goodies like fresh berries or fruit salads. Eat slowly and really enjoy the taste. Don’t feel guilty about the occasional treat. You’ll feel better for exerting control over your habits.

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When we’re physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually out of balance it’s because we’re not fulfilling our most basic fundamental need: Self-Love.
... Jenna Phillips (“Stop dieting and start living!”, The Daily Love)
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